OKYS* is an SME established as an independent research, innovation and technology hub that explores, develops and implements novel technologies to tackle business and societal challenges.

The company employs high-skilled and experienced personnel with more than ten years’ experience in software engineering and project management.

The interdisciplinary team at OKYS focuses on the intersection between ICT and Society to provide smart solutions to citizens, consumers, decision makers and SMEs.

OKYS can design and realise modern concepts for national and international companies and public administrations. OKYS co-designs with the users the appropriate requirements and transfers them to comprehensive use cases which drive both design and technical implementation activities.

OKYS digital solutions help turn ideas into the actions required to mobilize individual and collective engagement for the co-creation of a sustainable future.

* OKYS comes from the ancient greek word “ωκύς”. OKYS in ancient greek is used to describe the one that moves really fast and smart at the same time and has mental sharpness .

Ivaylo Dobrev MSc


Holds MSc degree in Informatics from Sofia University, Bulgaria. He possesses over 20 years of
professional experience in developing and implementing ICT solutions like ERP, MOM, CMM,
DSS systems, reporting and analysis tools. He possesses thorough knowledge in the latest ICT
areas, such as Cloud Computing, Service Oriented Architecture and Mobile Application
Development. He has also experience in managing and implementing ICT projects with national
and EU funding.

Kostas Nasias


Holds two University Degrees, the first is in Agricultural Development from Aristotle University
of Thessaloniki and the second is in Computer Science from Hellenic Open University. During the
last 15 years he has successfully coordinated over 40 national and EU projects (FP7, INTERREG &
MED Community Initiative, structural funds and other).