Supporting Resilient cities:

H2020-SFS-2017 774233 IA SiEUGreen project, “Sino-European innovative green and smart cities” (Jan2018 – Dec2021). SiEUGreen aspires to enhance the EU-China cooperation in promoting urban agriculture for food security, resource efficiency and smart, resilient cities. Building on the model of zero-waste and circular economy, it will demonstrate how technological and societal innovation in urban agriculture can have a positive impact on society and economy. OKYS designs and develops the project’s main platform and will maintain it throughout the project duration. In synergy with the Consortium, it will create the right framework for a user-friendly resource center embedded in the website and will ensure an effective communication of the project’s success stories and best practices.


Combination of CP & CSA Theme: FP7-2013-ICT-FI. Biomas is an integrated, online system for the real time management and auctioning of the biomass products and services ( Biomas-Market connects biomass stakeholders helping them to publish their biomass offers, identify best matches and establish agreements between them. The system combines multiple offers delivered from different biomass stakeholders to better match an increased biomass demand while it will facilitate cooperation between different stakeholders to provide advanced services. Our role was to research towards the optimum functionalities succeeding in its purpose and to fully deploy all the platform functionalities helping in the trade of biomass products.

Pollution reduction projects’ regional selection tool

Tool for H2020 UfMS/ST/0038/2014 ( In 2013, UfMS built a list of pollution reduction investment projects for all the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea plus Jordan, in the three sectors of urban Waste Water (WW), Solid Waste (SW) and Industrial Emissions (IE). Selecting projects of regional importance to submit to UfM labelling can be based on such a list, provided that the list is improved jointly between the Secretariat and the countries, since it estimates the impact of each project, i.e. the potential reduction of pollution load. Thus, the creation of a tool for the management of data exchange is necessary, so as to allow the countries and UfMS to update basic information attached to pollution reduction projects and to consolidate national or regional indicators. Our role was the creation of this web database tool.


Greenspots (, funded by cross-border European Territorial Cooperation Programme “Greece-Bulgaria 2007-2013”: Overall objective of the project is achieving cooperation between partners to jointly act to (re)designing the common tourism product of the area, placing sustainability in the core of their policy, so as for all local economic sectors and the entire region to benefit from, and to applying an offensive and destination based marketing for the proper product. Our role was the usage of ICT technologies for both planning and communication purposes and the utilization of content and tools prepared within the context of other initiatives by the various local stakeholders.


Managing the collection and processing of wild-growing products, Sub-grant agreement no 200-4518, within Grant Agreement no 632874 for the implementation of the Future Internet Enabled Agricultural Applications (FRACTALS) within the framework of the Specific Programme “Cooperation” of the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Development. The 4cast2Sustain application gives the wild-growing products value chain advantages that will increase its competitiveness, profit and sustainability and will give more understanding about the market. It is a tool to the value chain (collectors-resellers-processors- merchants) to improve the management of collection and processing. In return they share information about collected and processed type of products, quantities, qualities, geographical area. Our role was the project management and the core software development